For nearly a decade, SpinTheVerb has worked with a wide range of clients to produce videos for on-air promos, theatrical trailers, corporate presentations, websites, and mobile. We've refined our creative and  production processes based on a deep understanding of visual storytelling and video workflows. Our focus on collaboration, iteration, and learning serve as our framework for producing content guaranteed to meet our clients’ needs.



Agile reduces the risk in a project by delivering value early. Instead of the traditional PLAN and EXECUTE approach to projects, Agile projects adapt to change. Requirements change. Conditions change. A typical video project can range from two weeks to two months from initial creative brief to final delivery, depending on the scope. In today's business environment, there's a lot that can change in that time. By developing a clear content strategy with a list of priorities, we can make collaborative decisions that result in better content and continuous delivery.



First, we discuss your brand's video marketing goals and your ideal customer. What do you want to achieve this year? What is the customer's "job to be done" that your product/service is addressing? What characterizes your brand's voice? Then we discuss your existing workflows and can suggest tools to integrate that will work for any budget. Do you have digital asset management systems in place for scalable and cost effective content creation? Are you leveraging the best tools available to manage and track engagement and ROI? Together we can prioritize and plan a video strategy to achieve your goals.




Our production workflows are fast, transparent, and focused on giving you the best possible content for your budget.




What comes after production is finished is just as important as the video quality. We help optimize your content for success, collect valuable data to make your content more effective and ultimately drive sales. The goal is to improve ROI for your content. We provide a suite of the best tools available to ensure your content reaches your target audience.

If you're like us, you love dashboard and data. We'll provide a custom dashboard to track results from across platforms. 


Ready to align + scale your video content?